AirSense 10 Elite

The AirSense 10 Elite is a premium fixed-pressure device that features an integrated humidifier and

built-in wireless communications, allowing you to stay more connected to your patients than ever




It also features advanced event detection – giving you advanced insights into patient compliance and therapeutic efficacy.

Key features


  • The user-friendly controls, intuitive interface and color LCD screen make it simple to navigate menus and customize comfort settings.
  • AutoRamp™ with sleep onset detection works by delivering a low pressure to help patients fall asleep with ease. Once it detects they’re asleep, it comfortably ramps up the pressure to ensure the prescribed level is delivered the moment they need it.
  • The quiet Easy-Breathe motor makes for a peaceful environment for the patient and their bed partner.
  • Built-in ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the light in the room and turns off automatically.
  • Pulse oximetry monitoring is available.
  • Integrated humidification simplifies setting up the device and makes therapy easier for your patients.

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